About Me

I'm James, a 31 year old child (!) and I live rural East Yorkshire with my beautiful (and very tolerant!) wife Suzi and our son Thomas and daughter Abbie along with two, quite mental, cats.

I work on the railway, for Network Rail; I'm a signaller on the Hull - Leeds line. I'm normally resident at Gilberdyke Junction but, as a former relief, occasionally work other boxes when we're very short. Normally during holiday times! Previously I've worked for rail engineering contractors on a real variety of contracts and projects. After a lot of moving about, working on various different projects in different parts of the country I'm now nicely settled on the operations side of the railway.

My interests are quite wide and varied; my main modelling of my own is either the North Eastern Railway just before the first world war or the early 1990s. Most of my modelling is to P4 standards, I just like how it looks and works - it can be very railway-like! I'm also assisting my Dad with Eastmoor, which is based on the former York – Beverley line in the mid to late fifties. This is in 00 and in many ways provides a nice contrast with some of my modelling. I'm also taking my first tentative steps in the 'senior scale'!

As well as trains, I play cricket for my village club - I started playing for the club when I was about 10 and used to do the scoring before that! I've captained sides and since I was 19 I've coached junior and youth cricket within the club.